Nillkin Synthetic Fiber Cover iPhone 12 Pro / Max 6.1 Black

أضغط لشرح المنتج و مشاهده الفيديو

Nillkin Synthetic Fiber is made from advanced high-quality tough carbon fiber incorporated with imported high-grade environmentally friendly PC material that provides the perfect combination of hardness and softness in a delicate design. The case is manufactured using a sophisticated injection technique. In addition, an advanced weaving process is used in the formation of a regular texture, providing impressive clarity and a unique style. An advanced hot-pressing molding process is used to fuse the carbon fiber with the PC back shell. A rubber hose spray technique is used on the surface, giving it a soft texture that feels good to the touch and protects the case from scratches and fingerprint stains.

Outstanding quality

The advanced carbon fiber material is tough and resistant to many damaging risks. Combined perfectly with high-grade PC material, it is a perfect partnership between hardness and softness.

Unique style

Made using a sophisticated weaving process resulting in the formation of a regular texture which provides a comfortable grip and impressive clarity. The hot pressing molding process fuses the carbon fiber material perfectly with the hard PC material.

Skin-like Texture

Oil spray finish makes the phone case smooth and soft for a comfortable and secure grip that feels good to the touch

LE 200.00